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nature_panorama_by_regionella-d3zx3xeJourney To Wholeness Women’s Retreat

Journey to Wholeness workshops will equip you with tools to live an authentic, audacious, life through breakthrough exercises and soul movement classes.We truly feel called to be an ambassador for helping women live their lives to the full.  All you need is an open heart, a yoga mat, towel, and water. And some comfy stuff to wear for a coupla days. (No yoga experience necessary)

What-We are on a journey to help as many people live their lives as authentically and audaciously possible!  I would like to introduce you to my good friend, Judy Thureson. She has been working as a life-style coach and fitness trainer since 2004. She will be sharing her own journey and the many tools that she has developed over the years.  Together, Judy and I have created an incredible curriculum to help you get ready to dig deep and shed layers to help you take one step closer to being whole! Being able to share our stories brings connection and courage as we go on this journey.  We can’t wait to share our stories with you and hear yours as well!  We’re in this together and this will truly be a bonding moment!

Why- The more we talk to women, the more we realize the deep need we all have for authentic connection.  We have a need to be connected, to be real, to have a safe place where we can share our hearts.  We desire this authenticity but sometimes, we don’t know how to attain it.  We will be taking the time through breakthrough exercises to connect to our own authentic self and with others.

How– We have an incredible curriculum and we will explore what it means to live wholeheartedly. I (Vicki) will introduce you to Grief Recovery tools that are deigned to help you to recognize and break through the things from your past that keep you stuck and unable to reach your potential and live in your true destiny. Judy will guide us through exercises, both physical and emotional, that are designed to connect us to our authentic selves. Together, these tools WILL take you deeper and bring you whatever desired results you are looking for.

There will be three parts to the program.

Soul Searching -(workshop portion)
Soul Cleansing -(breakout groups)
Soul Movement -(a yoga/fusion type class to engage your mind, body and soul)

Where– TBA

When-Summer 2015

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