Certified Grief Recovery Specialists® (Facilitators) provide Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Programs in Austin, Texas.

Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program Workshops are 9 weeks in length and meet weekly for approximately 2 hours. Learn how to recover from grief and loss alongside other grievers choosing healing just like you. The group program is NOT a support group; it is an educational and interactive class where you will acquire the tools you need to reclaim your heart and find recovery with others on the same journey.

The cost of the 9 week workshop is $360 (Discount pricing is available for students and those in genuine financial need)

Alumni Workshops: Any alumni can Re-audit a Grief Recovery Outreach Program for $100. Grief Recovery skills are LIFE SKILLS. Every time you complete a relationship using these tools, you grow emotionally as you regain a part of your heart. Seriously, this work is so important. This work will help you to turn the skills you have learned into a habit. You will also get the benefit of accountability and consistency to assist you as you complete another relationship. We love our Alumni’s!

One-on-one: Individual instruction is available by appointment. You will learn how to recover from grief in the safety and confidence of closed one-on-one sessions. Use individual sessions to complete an 8-session program or to continue recovery after you complete a group program on an as needed basis.

8-session individual Grief Recovery Method Program (8-2 hour sessions) $600

Individual sessions: $100 per hour

Alumni TRUE (re)CONNECT Workshop is an in-depth class specifically designed to graph your relationship with God. You will uncover strongholds that are limiting your life and break them forever. This class is an advanced workshop, completing the Grief Recovery Outreach Program is a pre-requisite. The workshop is 6 weeks in length and meets weekly for approximately 2 hours. This class is only offered 1 to 2 times per year. Click here to get on a waiting list and learn more about this life-changing course. The cost of the workshop is $360.

Corporate Grief  Awareness and Sensitivity Training: Lunch hour, half-day, and one-day grief education workshops for corporations and organizations seeking to equip and educate their employees, leadership, clergy, or staff to be more prepared to effectively respond to grieving employees/individuals and grief-related situations. These valuable life skills empower businesses and organizations to be more productive, improve morale, retain employees and volunteers, and serve their customers/clientele better.

Cost of workshop varies depending on scope of work.

Email for more info.

Special Events: Freedom From Grief is affiliated with Get Inspired Movement. We come together a few times a year for special events and life-equipping workshops. Guaranteed to be inspiring, motivating and life-changing!

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