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“In the early part of 2014, I took a class on grief recovery to help me through the most sustained difficult time of my life. Nothing seemed to help me–education, job, God, friends, wife, etc. I was in a very low place spiritually and actually thought my family would do better without me. I had not felt so useless since before I was a Christian, so I concluded God must have left me. This class was to focus my energy on recovering from a grief instead of numbing the stress with short term energy relieving behavior (STERBs). In order to feel better after going through a stressful time, I identified that I basically would use every STERB at my disposal which became more significant when I made money. Earlier in life, these included anger, fantasy, impurity and workaholism, and with a ‘successful’ career, the onset of alcoholism and spending. What became most concerning to my wife and then to me is that isolation and fantasy escapism, which had basically disappeared when I became a Christian in ’96, had reemerged with destructive thoughts in early 2014.
Then I started Grief Recovery. As the class proceeded, I was encouraged to pick one person in my past that may have had the most negative influence on me with respect to grief. As I put together a timeline, I discovered that I needed to focus on my father and those scars that can emerge between a father and son. I was not expecting it because my dad and I are close, but I discovered that many of my negative habits now began from an age range 7-17 when his decisions and actions had a profound impact on me. This class helped me probe in depth what I wish could have been better, more or different. And then it enabled me to communicate in depth concerning those events. I cannot explain why it works, but I felt complete as I finished. I had bad memories of things I had said to him when I was 15, that I had apologized for and asked God’s forgiveness, that still bothered me. Those things do not bother me anymore; it just feels different. As I completed the class I hope to live more in the present with everyone, including my dad! The greatest gift of this class is that I could complete it while my dad is still alive.”

C. Brewster- Austin, TX



“When you are in the grieving journey it is sometimes hard to see the “God Winks” that occur in your life. I happened to be sitting in an OR waiting room and had a great conversation with a wonderful person. Over the course of an  hour and a half we certainly covered lots of ground about our lives and I shared that I had lost my husband way to soon. She asked my permission to share my story with a friend of hers who offered a Grief Recovery Group setting. She did and I followed up believing that God had his hand on all of this. While initially I wanted a one on one, I so now understand and value the small group setting and partnering with one person. It is not just about death of a husband, but about so much more. We, as individuals, are involved in the course of grieving in other all aspects of our lives. I thank God because the rest now has become history. I experienced joy, sadness and growth in dealing with my loss. Plus a new kinship with people I would have never know since I had just moved to this new area. The leader was exceptional in sharing her own journey
giving us the comfort to be honest and real about our own journeys. Being a partner with someone gives you the intimacy and honest freedom as confidentiality is one of the cores of this process. Thank you to my partner who is a great friend forever, my new friends from the group and the process that has allowed me to move forward in life. Blessings to each of you as you to choose to journey a new way of grieving that gives you strength, courage and for me another “God Wink” that life is all good.”

G. Ristow -Austin, TX



“This course was amazing! I learned so much about my self, my behavior patterns and how to become a better person with that wisdom in hand. Absolutely a must for anyone seeking a life transformation that utilizes negative experiences to manifest a more happy, loving and healing future. This course is a wonderful learning experience to assist in building or solidifying that foundation.”

M. Breslin- Austin, TX





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