Before understanding the structure and benefits of a Grief Recovery Method® Workshop it is first important to understand grief and loss. Often when we think of grieving, we think of the losses of death and divorce. Though these are major losses there are actually over 40 losses that we can experience in our lives that create grief.

In addition to death and divorce there can be losses in career changes, break up of a romantic relationship, moving. pet loss, childhood losses such as loss of trust, loss of innocence, safety, boundaries or love that are caused by abuse and/or neglect, losses in health, and the list goes on

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to a loss of any kind. Yet, most of what we learn from our families and in our society about how to process grief is not helpful. In fact, most times, it is counter to what we actually need. That is where Grief Recovery® comes in. Grief Recovery Method® Workshops provide the experiential tools necessary to grieve.


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