Grief Recovery is about so much more than loss…

It is about having a safe place, with the best tools, to express what your heart needs to say in order to heal.


Recovery is about becoming emotionally complete and beginning the next phase of your life with a fresh perspective. Grief can be the result of losing someone with whom you have good memories…or some not so good. It can also be from emotional trauma from an abusive childhood, or relationship.

There are over 40 grieving experiences you will likely encounter in your lifetime.

You can get complete with the grief you are feeling as the result of a death, divorce or any other ending of a familiar pattern of behavior.

Our goal for Grief Recovery

To help people learn to navigate emotions that are so painful they interfere with their ability to function optimally in life. When a person dies or goes away, there are memories that require resolution. Of course you cannot change the past, but there are things you can do in the present to achieve a feeling of completion.

Grievers are not broken, therefore they do not need to be fixed. They need to be listened to with dignity and respect. Grief is not intellectual, it is emotional and you cannot heal your heart with your head.


We are committed to bringing you the very best information, tools, and support available on the subject of grief and loss.

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